Women Empowerment Project

The Women Empowerment Project (WE) was founed in 2007 to address the needs of internally displaced and refugee women affected by the war in Darfur, so she has been able to network successfully with Darfuri women without the cultural, linguistic, and ethnic barriers experienced by many other aid organizations.

More than offering aid, WE creates opportunities for Darfuri women to generate their own income through micro-financing of craft production in the internally displaced camps of Darfur. Currently, the only means internally displaced women in Darfur have to generate income is collecting firewood. In order to do this, they must leave the safety of the camp, walking as far as ten kilometers away, which leaves them extremely vulnerable to rape, other violent attacks, and even death. This project was created in response to these heartbreaking stories of violence and poverty.

WE strategy is to encourage, facilitate, and finance women's craftsmanship in internally displaced and refugee camps. Then, WE purchases the homemade products to ensure that the women have enough money every week to support their children and to buy raw materials to continue their work. WEP will have an impact on bringing stability, safety, and peace to the women living in internally displaced and refugee camps of Darfur. also will enable these women to develop their skills and through mentorship and greater resources (importing tools and other materials) as the Darfur region becomes more politically stable. Therefore, WE will reach out to more conflict-affected people.


for more info please visit:  www.womenempowermentproject.com



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