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  • NewsStream - Energy Aid Wasted, Belo Monte Legacy, and More

    This month we set the record straight for rivers at risk and showcased better alternatives to bring energy to those in need. Last week our Southeast Asia Program Director spoke on National Public Radio about the impacts of the Mekong dams on downstream communities and ecosystems. We released a new multimedia timeline cataloguing the 30-year history of the Belo Monte Dam in the Brazilian Amazon and shared our lessons from a two-day energy solutions workshop we organized in Northeast India. Our latest guest blog illuminates the imminent threats to the rainforests and rivers of Sarawak, Malaysia and a new report shows that subsidies for hydropower by countries like Norway do little to alleviate energy poverty. Read on for the full stories!

  • SaludArte

    El proyecto tiene como objetivo favorecer, a través del arte urbano, a los espacios donde Organizaciones de nuestra comunidad realizan actividades que fomentan la salud, la educación y la inclusión social.

    Implica la transformación estética de distintos espacios públicos que vinculen al lugar,  con salud y bienestar.


    • Pintar y adornar paredes de distintas organizaciones que trabajan por el mejoramiento de la vida en comunidad.
    • Mejorar los espacios públicos de nuestra ciudad
  • UNICRI Journalism and Public Information Programme on New Threats Cyber Threats Workshop ( 9, 10,11 October 2014)

    The United Nations Interregional Crime and Justice Research Institute (UNICRI) is organizing the third edition of the Cyber Threats Workshop within the framework of its Journalism and Public Information Programmeon New Threats. The programme is tailored to journalists, chief information officers and those who want to specialize in public information and journalism. The focus of the upcoming workshop is on cyber crime, internet governance and the role of media.
    The Cyber Threats Workshop will take place from the 9th to the 11th October 2014 at the United Nations Campus in Turin, Italy.

  • #freemediarace

    #freemediarace: "We need to protect press freedom and media diversity across Europe! To do that we are collecting 1 million signatures to demand a directive from the European Commission that protects these basic rights. With the #FreeMediaRace we give you a tool to collect signatures in your name, or the name of your organisation. Those with the most signatures will be invited for a presentation in the European Parliament in Brussels!

    All you have to do is register for the race, activate your friends, co-workers and members by sharing your personal collection link on your channels (website, facebook, twitter, blog, etc.) and to become the greatest protector of press freedom in Europe!"

    More info at

    Sign the petition

  • Communication activism for social change

    David Palmer has created an accompanying website (

    This Teaching Communication Activism website is designed to be an information and networking hub for activist teachers, especially those in the communication discipline. The goals are to provide communication educators with ideas and resources to develop activist forms of teaching, and to have teachers share their ideas and resources to energize and connect to the community of activist teachers.

    This website is inspired by traditions of social justice activism and of teaching and research that study and promote activism. Scholars from a wide range of disciplines, historically, have recognized the central role that social activism and activist education play in a vibrant democracy, and this website is a response to their collective call to forge community-based outlets that teachers can use as tools to build a more democratic and just world.

  • Biosphere Reserve to Transshipment Port: Travesty for Jamaica’s Goat Islands

    The article is important in that it brings to our attention the need to secure the protection of alternative sites for AZE species whose main habitat may have been severely impacted or where alien invasive predators are so abundant that translocations may be needed.  The AZE site is Hellshire Hills and there are two trigger species: the Jamaican Iguana (CR) and the Jamaican Pauraque (CR).

    Download here

  • NewsStream - Mekong Dam Goes to Court, DamNation Film Screening, and More

    On Tuesday we broke the news that a Thai court accepted a lawsuit against the US$3.5 billion Xayaburi Dam on the Mekong River in Laos brought forth by Thai communities who would be impacted downstream. Our victory in Patagonia against the five megadam project HidroAysén sent shock waves around the world with thousands celebrating this achievement for free-flowing rivers everywhere. Meanwhile, Vietnam signed a UN treaty on transboundary rivers signaling hope for better cooperation among its neighbors. In addition, we cohosted two packed screenings of the critically acclaimed documentary *DamNation*, which chronicles the growing dam removal movement in the US. Read on for the full stories.

  • A Smarter way to collect water!

    Help us exceed our target on Indiegogo: Hippo Water Rollers for Mandela Day - A smarter way to collect water!

    Today we celebrate Youth Day in South Africa. Youth Day is for many children in South Africa like every other day - a daily walk of +/- 6km to fetch drinking water, typically carrying it in heavy 20L (kg) containers balanced on their head. Worldwide 272 million school days are lost due to water collection each year. 

    The Indiegogo campaign "A smarter way to collect water" aims to give children in 67 water-stressed communities in South Africa up to 67 Hippo Water Rollers to give them more time and energy for their daily education.