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  • Child's dream Newsletter December 2014

    Basic Health Awareness Training for the Lahu Community

    The Focus Group Health encourages CBOs (Community Based Organizations) to work sustainably for their communities and so cooperates with the Lahu Women’s Organization to provide basic health awareness training for Lahu communities to increase awareness and access to information about adolescent health and reproductive health rights among Lahu youth. The Basic Health Awareness Training covers four townships in Shan State, Myanmar. The project aims at working with young people aged 12 - 30 to educate and empower them on reproductive health issues such as family planning, sexually transmitted diseases as well as puberty in general.

    Health education is the first step in preventing sexually transmitted diseases, problems of unwanted pregnancy, the spread of HIV/AIDs and gender inequality. The training is more effective in the communities due to schools in Myanmar not teaching about adolescent reproductive health as traditional cultural practices strictly forbid this. Also, the information does not reach the communities as most Lahu people live in mountainous areas where it is very difficult to access health care and health education. After they better understand these issues, they can prevent diseases and build healthy families and peaceful communities. 

  • Journalism and Public Information Programme: new 2015 specialized courses

    UNICRI Journalism and Public Information Programme on New Threats is pleased to inform about new specialized courses that will take place at the United Nations Campus in Turin, Italy: 
    Investigating Crimes against the Environment: 6, 7 February 2015 (course information)
    Key topics include: 
    • Environmental governance and international environmental law 
    • Involvement of transnational organized crime in crimes against the environment
    • Illicit trafficking of waste and hazardous material
    • Environmental protection and sustainable development
    • Corruption and crimes against the environment
    • Climate justice
    • Reporting on crimes against the environment
    • Promoting environmental protection awareness
  • Aleteo # 127

    15 years together in the conservation Festivals

    8 Threatened Parrots Festivals, Migratory Birds & the Jaguar join the community in activities that promote and make visible the ongoing efforts to protect endangered species in Colombia.




    Anorí, a municipality committed to the conservation of its natural wealth

    ProAves participates in the Anorí Municipal Environmental Bureau, a process led by Corantioquia, where different activities are socialized, debated and coordinated, in partnership with the community and in the Environment's benefit.




    Recovering The Tángaras Reserve forests

    Since February 2014 nursery and reforestation activities have been developed in the Tangaras Bird Reserve, a nursery of 200m2 and an annual production of 15,000 seedlings of 12 different species, it is expected that 2014 will finish with 46 acres reforested.


  • AZE: The performance and potential of protected areas

    Here is a publication, made by James E. M. Watson, Nigel Dudley, Daniel B. Segan & Marc Hockings, featuring AZE regarding the increase in protected areas and decrease in effective management.

    You can download the entire publication by clicking on the link below:


  • Saving women and girls from danger in refugee camps; the Darfur Women Network supplies safe stoves to women

    After escaping violence at home, women and girls in refugee camps face many dangers such as violence, hunger, displacement and looting. On top of this when they venture far away in search of firewood or water, they also risk rape, assault, abduction, beating and death.

    Firewood is the main reason for these dangerous excursions out of camps near Touloum, Chad. As the conflict in Darfur, Sudan continues, more refugees arrive with few if any resources from home. They rely on aid organizations and donations to survive, but cooking food usually requires collecting wood far from their new homes. As more people arrive and more trees are cut down close to the camp there is less wood for each individual along with the added problem of deforestation. The cutting of so many trees has caused erosion and also creates conflict with locals who rely on the forest for their own survival.

    The Darfur Women Network(DWN) is stepping in with fuel-efficient stoves and a reforestation plan to support the refugees. On August 25, 2014 they distributed 202 stoves to women in the camp. Many women showed up to receive a stove and witness the occasion dressed in their colorful, cleaned clothes. There was a  huge celebration and much appreciation.

  • Call for project proposals - UN Democracy Fund

    The United Nations Democracy Fund invites civil society organizations to apply for funding for projects to advance and support democracy. Project proposals may be submitted on-line between 15 November 2014 and  31 December 2014 at You can find guidelines, FAQs and lessons learned from previous rounds at Those who plan to apply are strongly encouraged to visit this page as soon as possible to familiarize yourself with what is required. Only on-line applications in either English or French will be accepted.  UNDEF supports projects that strengthen the voice of civil society, promote human rights, and encourage the participation of all groups in democratic processes. The large majority of UNDEF funds go to local civil society organizations -- both in the transition and consolidation phases of democratization. In this way, UNDEF plays a novel and distinct role in complementing the UN's other work -- the work with Governments -- to strengthen  democratic governance around the world.
  • NewsStream – Four Films You've Got to See

    Often times, seeing is believing. Pictures don't always capture the roaring power of a free flowing river or the voices of those who are standing up in defense of the river they rely on for daily life. That's why this month's NewsStream features four short films that expose some of the latest struggles and victories in the movement to protect our world's rivers. Through these videos you'll travel to three of the places we work – the Teesta River in India, the largest desert lake in Kenya, and the sacred Areng Valley in Cambodia. The fourth film takes place in the tropical highlands in Fiji, and although we don't work there, their success story of river protection is too inspiring not to share. With incredible cinematography, these personal stories and dramatic landscapes remind us why it's so critically urgent to stand with International Rivers and our partners around the world.

    Protecting the Teesta River

    Flowing through the length of the Indian state of Sikkim, the Teesta River is considered the lifeline of the region with its rich biodiversity and the livelihoods it supports. Today, the Teesta River has become a

  • ProAves News

    Discovered a species of plant in ProAves El Pangan Bird Reserve

     During several field trips to the El Pangan Bird Reserve and other locations in the western cordillera of Colombia researchers made an important discovery of a new plant species endemic to Colombia






    Inclusive conservation with communities in the south of the country.

    During the last years major approaches have been achieved with the community in the areas of influence of the ProAves reserves located in the departments of Nariño and Cauca.