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  • Aleteo # 123

    Workshop with indigenous communities in Las Tangaras Reserve.

    Las Tangaras Bird Reserve, located in the municipality of Carmen de Atrato, Chocó, was honored to receive 15 community members of the indigenous reserve of La Puria and El Consuelo in order to make a practical theoretical workshop on seedling production nursery.



    One of the rarest parrots in the world, the Fuertes Parrot occupy artificial nests


    This record is very important since the Fuertes Parrot is an endemic species; it is Critically Endangered and is estimated to have a population of just over 300 individuals restricted to 74 acres  in the ProAves Reserves of El Mirador, Loro Coroniazul, Giles Fuertesi and Loros Andinos.


  • IPDTC Autumn Training Courses

    The International Peace and Development Training Center provides experts, senior goverment leadership, professionals, policy makers and practitioners with the most advanced training and professional development opportunities in the field. From October - December 2014 we will be hosting 3 Programmes at the IPDTC Global Academy including Designing Peacebuilding Programmes, one of the world's leading trainings / professional workshops for agencies and organisations to improve programme strategy, design and implementation; and two programmes on Prevention in November/December: “Developing and Applying Early Warning and Early Response Systems” and “Making Prevention Work". Participants will include middle to senior leadership and experts from agencies, organisations, governments and institutions around the world. Participants applying for two or more programmes will receive a 10% discount from the training fees. Special group rates for delegations are also available. 

  • Save The Frogs Update from Ghana, West Africa

    SAVE THE FROGS! Ghana is West Africa's first nonprofit organization dedicated exclusively to amphibian conservation, and is the first international branch of USA-based nonprofit SAVE THE FROGS!. The mission of SAVE THE FROGS! Ghana is to protect Ghana's amphibian populations and to promote a society that respects and appreciates nature and wildlife.

    Africa is fraught with both social and environmental problems, and Ghana is an excellent location from which to initiate SAVE THE FROGS! programs that we plan to spread far and wide across the African continent. Over 80% of Ghana's original rainforests have been cleared and a third of the country's amphibians are under threat, yet Ghana has only two professional amphibian biologists (SAVE THE FROGS! Ghana Executive Director Gilbert Adum and Caleb Ofori). In Ghana, there exists only a single copy of the Field Guide to West Africa's Amphibians, the only guide to Ghana's amphibians -- a book that is no longer in print.

  • Aleteo #122: Colombian Conservation news

    Spectacular record of the Black-headed Spider monkey on the Titi Cabeza del Algodón Reserve

    21 individuals of the Black-headed Spider monkey (Ateles fusciceps), species critically endangered, were found on the Fundación ProAves Titi Cabeza del Algodón Reserve, within the framework of the Evaluation and Conservation project of the Black-headed Spider monkey.


    Historical reproductive record of the Rusty-faced Parrot

    We have a historical record of the Rusty-faced Parrots (Hapalopsittaca amazonina), 6 active nests with up to 3 chicks between March and June, in late March the first occupation was recorded and the first chicks were recorded in early June.

  • Ring-ring! Alza la cornetta, è #ScopriilMarchio con grandi novità!

    Sono giorni decisivi per la campagna di Oxfam Scopri il Marchio e il lavoro che stiamo facendo perfermare il cambiamento climatico che causa la fame nel mondo. infatti ho due belle notizie da darti:

    1.       Ieri abbiamo ottenuto un importante risultato da parte di General Mills – l’azienda che produce fra la altre cose il gelato Häagen-Dazs e i tacos Old El Paso – che ha preso impegni per la lotta al cambiamento climatico che nessun altra azienda dell’alimentare ha mai preso… È il momento di festeggiare e soprattutto di dirti GRAZIE per il supporto che hai dato a Scopri il Marchio! Qua puoi leggere la news ( e trovare materiali da condividere sul sito di Scopri il Marchio e sui nostri social network. Sarebbe fantastico se potessi condividere la notizia con i tuoi lettori. Ma non finisce qua, perché ora vogliamo che anche Kellogg faccia lo stesso, e perciò…

  • NewsStream - Energy Aid Wasted, Belo Monte Legacy, and More

    This month we set the record straight for rivers at risk and showcased better alternatives to bring energy to those in need. Last week our Southeast Asia Program Director spoke on National Public Radio about the impacts of the Mekong dams on downstream communities and ecosystems. We released a new multimedia timeline cataloguing the 30-year history of the Belo Monte Dam in the Brazilian Amazon and shared our lessons from a two-day energy solutions workshop we organized in Northeast India. Our latest guest blog illuminates the imminent threats to the rainforests and rivers of Sarawak, Malaysia and a new report shows that subsidies for hydropower by countries like Norway do little to alleviate energy poverty. Read on for the full stories!

  • SaludArte

    El proyecto tiene como objetivo favorecer, a través del arte urbano, a los espacios donde Organizaciones de nuestra comunidad realizan actividades que fomentan la salud, la educación y la inclusión social.

    Implica la transformación estética de distintos espacios públicos que vinculen al lugar,  con salud y bienestar.


    • Pintar y adornar paredes de distintas organizaciones que trabajan por el mejoramiento de la vida en comunidad.
    • Mejorar los espacios públicos de nuestra ciudad
  • UNICRI Journalism and Public Information Programme on New Threats Cyber Threats Workshop ( 9, 10,11 October 2014)

    The United Nations Interregional Crime and Justice Research Institute (UNICRI) is organizing the third edition of the Cyber Threats Workshop within the framework of its Journalism and Public Information Programmeon New Threats. The programme is tailored to journalists, chief information officers and those who want to specialize in public information and journalism. The focus of the upcoming workshop is on cyber crime, internet governance and the role of media.
    The Cyber Threats Workshop will take place from the 9th to the 11th October 2014 at the United Nations Campus in Turin, Italy.