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  • Child's Dream Newsletter April 2015

    Health: DARE to Talk About a Taboo

    In the refugee camps 90% of minor crimes are attributed to the use of drugs and alcohol. The Karen Women’s Organisation links the use of drugs and alcohol to the majority of cases of child abuse and domestic violence. This is certainly not a new phenomenon, but the situation has dramatically deteriorated over the last few years. Although the cease-fire between the Myanmar army and most ethnic armed forces brought more stability and less fighting, it also allowed drugs to flow more freely into rural areas. Addiction is particularly tough on children and youth. Whether they or their parents are addicted, children suffer from increasing neglect, abuse, poor nutrition, damaged self-esteem and health problems.

  • Earth Day - April 22, 2015

    2015 - Earth Day’s 45th anniversary - could be the most exciting year in environmental history. The year in which economic growth and sustainability join hands. The year in which world leaders finally pass a binding climate change treaty. The year in which citizens and organizations divest from fossil fuels and put their money into renewable energy solutions. These are tough issues but we know what’s at stake is the future of our planet and the survival of life on earth. On Earth Day we need you to take a stand so that together, we can show the world a new direction. It’s our turn to lead. So our world leaders can follow by example. 
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  • Only 30 Percent of Cerulean Warbler Population Remains: Ten-Year Landscape Conservation Initiative in Colombia Aims to Help Reverse Declines

    A ten-year effort carried out by three conservation groups has led to the establishment of a critical six-mile-long by half-mile wide conservation corridor in Colombia that provides important winter habitat for the iconic Cerulean Warbler, a small but spectacular bird that has seen its population plummet 70 percent since 1966. The effort was led by ProAves, American Bird Conservancy (ABC), a leading U.S. bird conservation group; and Fondo para la Acción Ambiental y la Niñez, a Colombian organization that focuses on community, youth, and environmental projects.

  • 2015 SEAIC Colorectal Cancer Prevention Campaign

    March is National Colon month. Every adult is at risk for Colon Cancer, screening should begin at age 50 and some who have multiple risk factors should start screening at 30. Before you say "not me” it would be in your best interest to find out if you are at risk or even possibly learn enough to someday help a friend or family member get informed about getting screened.

  • International Day of Action for Rivers 2015

    The 18th annual International Day of Action for Rivers is only one week away!Make sure to save next Saturday, March 14, for celebrating your love for rivers! 

    There are a bunch of awesome events happening and we’d like to share them with you!

    • Communities living around the Magdalena River in Colombia will begin their campaign called “El Rio de la Vida: El Movilizacion por la Defensa del Magdalena” (The River of Life: The Mobilization for the Defense of the Magdalena) on March 14. Their campaign mobilizes community members to resist the Master Plan for Development of the Magdalena River that threatens the wellbeing of the river and the surrounding communities.
    • Today, March 7, Indigenous Peoples Rise Against Jalaur Mega Dam in the Philippines! This event is part of the international campaign, 1 Billion Rising for Revolution. Indigenous peoples will perform the 1 Billion Rising dance at the Jalaur River calling for the project's termination.
    • Many environmental and cultural associations in Resana, Italy will participate in a public initiative for the defense of small rivers. The project, "Adopt a River of Your Country," consists of two community meetings to discuss destructive development projects (February 27th and March 13th), an essay-writing contest for secondary schools, and an Ecological Day along the Muson Sassi River (March 22nd).
  • 2015 Executive Leadership (ELP) and Advanced Certificate (ACP) Programmes - April 2015

    - Designing Peacebuilding Programmes: Improving Sustainability, Impact and Effectiveness in Peacebuilding & Peace Support Operations (DPP) - Advanced Certificate Programme (ACP), 13th-17th of April, 2015, Cluj Napoca, Romania.

    - Collaborative Approaches to Diversity in Conflict Settings (CoSCAD) - Advanced Certificate Programme (ACP), 20th - 24th of April, 2015, Cluj Napoca, Romania.

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  • North Star Science and Technology Transmitter Grant Program

    North Star Science and Technology, LLC and American Bird Conservancy announce the 9th bi-annual North Star Science and Technology Transmitter Grant Program. In the spirit of giving back to the research community that they serve, North Star will award a total of eight (8) battery-powered or solar powered satellite transmitters (Argos Platform Transmitter Terminals (PTTs), GPS or Doppler, to 1-3 recipients (8 PTTs to one project or 4 PTTs to each of two projects, or 4 to one, 2 to one, and 2 to another). PTTs are powerful, cutting-edge tools for the study of bird migration that greatly extend the range over which individual birds can be tracked. Research that contributes to our knowledge of avian biology and that provides data useful for bird conservation, particularly of threatened species, will receive preference in the selection process. American Bird Conservancy ( will handle
  • Aleteo # 129

    El Dorado Reserve permanent home of Santa Marta Parakeet

    During four days in December last year, were carried out counts of one of the most endangered parrot in Colombia, the Santa Marta Parakeet. It was conducted at two places in the El Dorado Bird Reserve.Read more...


    11 new properties of our reserves are part of SINAP

    The Helmeted Curassow Bird Reserve and part of the Yellow-eared Parrot and the Orange - Breasted Falcon Reserves are now registered as Civil Society Reserves, 1378 acres are now part of the National System of Protected Areas SINAP.