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  • Wetlands Construction Workshops in California: Register Now

    SAVE THE FROGS! invites you to attend our Wetlands Construction Workshops October 14th, 2014 in Shingle Springs, CA (east of Sacramento) and October 15th & 16th, 2014 in the San Francisco Bay Area. Habitat destruction is the number one cause of amphibian population declines worldwide and the majority of America's wetlands have been destroyed or modified. Constructing wetlands is a fantastic way to ensure that amphibians have a home in which to live and breed. At these workshops, we will teach you how to build wetlands and together we will build an actual wetland. We will train you in the art of wetlands creation so that you can incorporate this valuable habitat creation mechanism into your ecological toolbox. The knowledge you gain at this workshop will set you on the path to constructing wetlands for wildlife in your part of the world. We welcome students, environmental educators, ecological consultants, wildlife managers and private landowners. The workshops will be led by Tom Biebighauser, the world's premiere wetlands construction expert and SAVE THE FROGS!
  • Child's Dream Project News

    Malaria Control Programme – a good example of venture philanthropy

    Child’s Dream often engages with smaller initiatives in their early stage of development or in their pilot phase. Once we can see the impact of the initiative, we then help our partners to scale their work and to build up their capacity in order to reach more beneficiaries. Seven years ago we started to support a small pilot of the Malaria Control Programme covering just 4,000 villagers across the border in Kayin State in Myanmar. Over the years we gradually supported the Karen Department of Health and Welfare (KDHW) to expand their geographical coverage to allow more villagers to benefit from the programme’s malaria prevention and treatment activities. At the same time we collaborated with Community Partners International (CPI) to provide technical health support and capacity building to KDHW. Last year the programme covered over 50,000 villagers and its tremendous achievements, especially its reduction of the malaria prevalence rate, are well documented. With the democratisation process in Myanmar and the lifting of sanctions, international aid agencies and larger international NGOs have started to set up shop in Myanmar and to seek potential local partners to implement their mandates. KDHW was an ideal candidate and in 2013 CPI and KDHW were awarded grants by the Three Millennium Development Goal Fund (3MDG) to fight malaria in Myanmar. We are delighted about this outcome since it truly represents our ideas of venture philanthropy. We also expect to hand over the funding of other health initiatives in the coming months.

  • Wildlife Conservation Expo 2014

    The world's leading wildlife conservationists will come together in San Francisco to share their stories of saving wildlife around the world with you at the annual Wildlife Conservation Expo.
  • IPDTC Autumn Training Courses

    The International Peace and Development Training Center provides experts, senior goverment leadership, professionals, policy makers and practitioners with the most advanced training and professional development opportunities in the field. From October - December 2014 we will be hosting 3 Programmes at the IPDTC Global Academy including Designing Peacebuilding Programmes, one of the world's leading trainings / professional workshops for agencies and organisations to improve programme strategy, design and implementation; and two programmes on Prevention in November/December: “Developing and Applying Early Warning and Early Response Systems” and “Making Prevention Work". Participants will include middle to senior leadership and experts from agencies, organisations, governments and institutions around the world. Participants applying for two or more programmes will receive a 10% discount from the training fees. Special group rates for delegations are also available. 

  • Aleteo #124: Colombian Conservation news

    Hope for the last lowland Bears in Colombia.

    Recent records of the spectacled bear in ProAves reserves warn about the need to conserve the rainforests with the creation and strengthening of protected areas and the inclusion of the surrounding community.




    In the distant Colombian Orinoco, an educational venue replicates ProAves biological based education


    In rural based educational venue, Policarpa Salvarrieta in el Anzuelo, Meta, Luis Alberto Pallares teacher and his rector Jairo Novoa, have shown that the remoteness and lack of resources are not an excuse to manage school activities aimed at conservation.


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  • 7000 Safe Stoves For Darfur Refugee Mothers

    A personal message from Mastora Bakhiet, Founder of Darfur Women Networ I am calling upon you to support Darfur Women Network. If we raise $5000 during September, we can become a “Partner,” and secure a permanent spot on the GlobalGiving website. Working in partnership with them, we can bring much more awareness to the ongoing plight of women refugees from Darfur. Women in the refugee camps risk their lives daily, so they can get firewood from outside the safety of the camp. As a woman from Darfur myself, I believe that Darfuri Refugees can help determine why traditional stoves are still used despite their known risks. Once we work with the camp mothers to understand what they need in a cooking stove, we can provide them with a method of safe cooking, education, and the materials they need to succeed. By freeing them from hazardous wood gathering and laborious cooking, we can help women in the camps realize their lives can open to more than housework. Helping them establish alternative sources of income will bring them greater financial sufficiency and empower these women who have been marginalized. They will begin to recognize that we, as women, are powerful enough to make homes in the camp, and make our world a better place. With your support, Darfur Women Network will have an opportunity to protect and empower refugee women and girls who are survivors of genocide from my region, Darfur, Sudan. Since I began Darfur Women Network in 2007, 100% of the money donated to has gone straight to the projects to benefit the women and girls there and immigrants in the USA. All work has been done on a volunteer basis. Empowering these women and girls is my passion.

  • AidEx 2014

    12-13 November 2014, Hall 11, Brussels Expo, Belgieplein - 1 - Place de Belgique, B-1020 Brussels, Belgium

    AidEx is a major international conference and exhibition for humanitarian and development professionals of all stripes. Held annually inBrussels, we bring together different voices whether they be NGO fieldworkers, the public and private sectors, long-established thought leaders or brand new start-ups.

    We encourage organisations to network with one another, connect with suppliers and attend topical sessions to facilitate discussions on the current challenges they face.  It’s also a great place to establish important, durable business relationships. Find out who will be crowned king or queen of Aid Innovation and who will win the coveted Humanitarian Hero of the Year Award at our prestigious awards ceremonies.

    This year the theme will be ‘Innovation in Aid & Development’. Dialogue sessions will be held with experts to question and understand what innovation is, whether its application is feasible in the aid and development arena and where future trends will lead us.

    Receive your free entry by registering today.

  • Kellogg risponde all’appello di Oxfam

    Oxfam accoglie  favorevolmente gli impegni assunti da Kellogg per l’adozione di misure contro i cambiamenti climatici a seguito di una forte pressione dell’opinione pubblica

    Dopo General Mills, Kellogg è oggi il secondo gigante dell’industria alimentare a prendersi l’impegno di tagliare le emissioni dei gas serra nelle proprie filiere produttive. La risposta arriva dopo l’incredibile pressione esercitata dagli oltre 238.000 sostenitori che hanno firmato la petizione lanciata da Oxfam nell’ambito della campagna Scopri il marchio.

    “Accogliamo con grande favore la volontà di Kellogg di diventare un’azienda leader nella lotta contro i cambiamenti climatici e i danni che questi causano alle popolazioni ovunque nel mondo,” ha detto Elisa Bacciotti, Direttrice Campagne e Programmi Domestici di Oxfam Italia. “I nuovi impegni di Kellogg spingono ancor più i governi e il resto della grande industria alimentare a riconoscere che il cambiamento del clima è reale, che sta accadendo ora, e che dobbiamo affrontarlo.”