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  • Aleteo # 132

    Artificial nests a successful strategy for the conservation of parrot species threatened with extinction in Colombia

    In recent months we found 7 artificial nests occupied by two species of parrots, the Yellow-eared parrot and the Rusty-faced parrot in two ProAves Reserves. During this time we made visual observations, documented their reproductive behavior consolidating a database, updated and refined monthly.



  • Come golf with Generation Awakening to raise funds for wildlife

    Join Generation Awakening  for this upscale charity golf tournament at the prestigious Monarch Beach Golf Course at the St. Regis in Dana Point, CA overlooking the beautiful Pacific Ocean benefitting endangered wildlife. 

    100% of raised funds will go directly to our projects supporting wildlife which include:

    • Educational presentations in schools promoting awareness for wildlife conservation and environmental stewardship
    • The daily care of baby Rhinos orphaned by poaching with our partners at the Rhino Orphanage 
    • The support of students and education of the local communities to empower the people who are custodians of the elephants in Amboseli with our partners, Amboseli Trust for Elephants.  This reduces human-wildlife conflict & incorporates the bigger picture of conserving wildlife in Africa.
    • Rhino Initiative project which includes school programs in communities and training “Not on My Watch” ambassadors to protect Rhino’s to raise awareness in their communities so they will not be poached. This is with our partners WESSA, the Wildlife & Environmental Society of South Africa. 
    • Programs in West & Central Africa, where lions are most critically endangered, to help boost populations with our partners, Born Free.  This includes working with local communities, and implementing measures to reduce human-wildlife conflict like “Lion-proof bomas”.

    more info at :


    This is my friend Stefano and last December he was diagnosed with Leukaemia. He urgently needs a bone marrow transplant and, even though so many generous people are being checked here in Italy, it’s very difficult to find a compatible donor. I’m asking for your help to raise awareness in the UK too, as the more people we are the more are the chances to find the right donor for Stefano. The age limit here is 35 years old, but things can be different in England. All people need to do is to go and get a blood sample, the results will then be entered in a worldwide database so that they can see if there is a match. I know you don’t personally know Stefano

  • News Stream - Making Waves in China, Brazil and Beyond

    Amazon Tribe Takes Epic Battle to Geneva

    Brazil’s in the grip of an epic drought that’s been heightened by deforestation in the Amazon. Meanwhile, indigenous groups on the Tapajós River are fighting for their river and their lives – and, incidentally, for the lungs of the planet. With support from International Rivers, the Munduruku took their fight to the UN last week.





    Insieme a te, vogliamo sfamare nove miliardi di persone.

    Presto saremo 9 miliardi di persone su questo pianeta. Eppure, ancora oggi, 1 persona su 8 va a letto a stomaco vuoto. Un’ingiustizia che non possiamo più permetterci.

    Insieme, possiamo coltivare un futuro migliore.

  • Protect Lake Turkana – A World Heritage Site

    As a World Heritage Site, Kenya’s Lake Turkana stands among august company that includes the Grand Canyon, the Taj Mahal and the Great Wall of China. It’s the world’s largest desert lake, a spectacular site whose fossil finds have “contributed more to the understanding of human ancestry than any other site in the world.” Its waters sustain more than 300,000 indigenous people who depend on it for their farms, cattle and fishing in an otherwise forbidding environment.

    Help protect Lake Turkana now.


  • Kilimanjaro Hippo Roller Challenge

    Following the success of last year’s Desert Hippo Roller challenge where they raised funds to donate 60 Hippo Water Rollers to a rural community in Zimbabwe,  Hippo embark on a new challenge between the 19th June to 27th June: They plan to climb Mount Kilimanjaro AND then run the LEWA conservancy 42KM marathon for the same amazing cause!
    They plan to summit the highest mountain in Africa with a Hippo Water Roller to raise awareness and highlight the daily struggle for water faced by so many people in Africa.The goal is to raise funds to support the Hippo Water Roller Project by providing rural impoverished communities in Southern Africa with a simple product that has an immediate and measurable effect on individuals health, sanitary, well-being and economic status.
  • EU Sustainable Energy Week: Investment Framework for Energy Efficiency (18 June 2015)

    • Policy Conference Thursday, 18th June in Brussels (EU Charlemagne building): 9.00h - 12.30h
    • Co-organised by Energy Efficiency in Industrial Processes (EEIP) and EuroAce.

    The European Commission and the UNEP Finance Initiative set up the Energy Efficiency Financial Institutions Group (EEFIG) nearly two years ago and its landmark report (2.7Mb, PDF) was launched in April 2015.  The report looked at the drivers of demand for and supply of energy efficiency investments in buildings, industry and SME’s.  Its conclusions for those sectors and for policy makers will be presented at this session and the high level speakers will share their experiences of investment in energy efficiency, opening up perspectives for the way forward to a new market in which energy efficiency investments come first!