Daniele Mariani

Daniele Mariani is founder and president of IACACT. He has been visting student at University of Jyväskylä and he holds a Master’s degree in Communications from University of Perugia and a Master II Level in Institutional Communications from University of Pisa. Since 2005 Daniele has been working in external and internal communications for different think-tanks, NGOs, TV channels, political/institutional and private sector; moreover he has been involved in international cooperation projects around the world. Daniele is also author of several researches, publications and books. 

Claudio Sabbatucci

Claudio Sabbatucci is IACACT web editor and responible for all IT services. He holds BA/BSc, Business & Computer Science from Anglia Ruskin University. From 2007 Claudio joined the European Parliament within Press and Communication Unit- internet and new media. From 2011 He is ITEC Service Desk Supervisor DG Innovation and Technological Support, Directorate for Information Technologies of the European Palriament.

Luca Concordia

Luca Concordia is the Webmaster/developer and editor of IACACT. Passionate programmer since young age, hardware & software maniac, he started his experience in the world of IT at 8 years with Dos and Amiga systems. During the years in the faculty of Information Technology in L’Aquila University (Italy), he started learning web oriented programming, and then the world of CMS (Drupal & WordPress) and frameworks (Laravel & Yii), also Java & Apex programming. Tied with a lifetime friendship with the president Daniele Mariani, he soon became the man behind the scenes of Iacact.com

Yari Lioy

Yari Lioy is the Webmaster/developer and editor of Sport4nonprofit.