YOLUKA is a non-governmental, non-profit organization. Its mission is to  generate proposals for conservation, biological and cultural diversity  management projects and their implementation, in order to encourage nature  belonging sensibility, transcending national and cultural barriers. YOLUKA aims  generation of scientific research, awareness, education, human, economic and  environmental resources. YOLUKA will lead the conservation of cultural and biological diversity research, through development, implementation and management of innovative projects in order to generate human, economic and environmental resources, allowing an active society participation and awakening its nature values awareness. This foundation aim is to develop activities connected to the study of biological and cultural diversity conservation, its distribution, promotion and restoration, around the world.

Throughout its services, YOLUKA FOUNDATION searches to raise funds in order to promote, coordinate and implementate protection, conservation and sustainable use of biological and cultural diversity plans and programs.

  • Business line: This line presents advisory activities orientated to public, private, and nongovernmental organizations. At the same time aims to find cooperation to  run new projects and environmental.

             a.     Environmental Consultancies.

             b.     Environmental Management Plans.

             c.     Eco-tourist Management Plans.

             d.     Reforestation and Ecological Restoration.

             e.     Advice on Biodiversity Conservation.

              f.     Flora and Fauna Inventory.

             g.     Habitats Assessment.

  • Community line: This line is designated to support and advice urban communities, farmers and different ethnic groups that promote conservation of biological and cultural diversity in their regions.

             a.     Environmental Education Plans.

             b.     Environmental Management Strategies.

  • Promotion line: This line aims students, technicians, professionals and individuals interested in acquiring skills and concepts for environmental management.

             a.     Flora and Fauna Technical Field Course.

             b.     Twining Projects.

             c.     International Research Exchange.


For more information please visit: www.yoluka.org


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