Wiser is a global village for sharing and kinship-building for people who believe in a more just and sustainable world. Specifically, Wiser.org's mission is to help the global movement of people and organizations working toward social justice, indigenous rights, and environmental stewardship to connect, collaborate, share knowledge, and build alliances. WiserEarth (which runs the Wiser.org platform) is a tax-exempt not--for-profit organization, under section 501(c)(3) of the United States. We have been a women-led organization since 2009.

There are more than one million organizations and many millions of us around the world who are actively working toward ecological sustainability, economic justice, human rights protection, political accountability and peace -- issues that are systemically interconnected and intertwined. Our effectiveness to prevent harm and institute positive change is undermined by our lack of collective awareness, the duplication of efforts, and poor connectivity. What has been missing is a map and directory of this network, one that includes the necessary resources for communication and cooperation; in essence, an infrastructure through which to coordinate our efforts. Wiser.org provides this infrastructure, facilitating powerful connections which foster effective and efficient collaboration.

Wiser is based upon fundamental principles that are applied to everything we (the Wiser community) do:

  • Transparency. Wiser is open to full public scrutiny. Likewise, users who edit and add content are asked to fully identify and make themselves known to the community.
  • Respect. Wiser honors the uniqueness of each individual and organization with respect to race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, age, physical abilities, and religious beliefs.
  • Community. Wiser is community-driven and is not centralized, bureaucratic, or turf-based. Wiser is about understanding each other, building bridges, creating friendships, and celebrating the rich dimensions contained within the global community.

 Each time you use Wiser, you are invited to take part in the community. We hope you will:

  • Share your knowledge
  • Join groups. Start here :-)
  • Network with people and organisations
  • Join discussions by posting comments
  • Add or edit information
  • Share resources beyond Wiser


Networking. Wiser enables connectivity and networking, the exchange of services or information between different individuals, groups, companies, or institutions. From a technical perspective, networking also means that Wiser will provide for all types of connections so that low-bandwidth Internet users can also access the information and tools provided on the portal.

Collaboration. Wiser brings people together to share information across the global non-profit community, and help create alliances. By working together, we can work smarter, and use our resources more efficiently and effectively. Almost all of Wiser is based on wikipages, which are ideal for dialogue and building shared understanding.

Visibility. Wiser enables small organizations and projects to become more visible. Individuals can show that they are present in the movement by being visible here, and sharing ideas and activities. Wiser makes the entire movement visible - only by holding such a "mirror" up, can the movement recognize its value and power.


For more information please visit: www.wiser.org

Youtube official channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/WiserEarth


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