Vive Mexico

Vive Mexico is a non profit‐making, non‐governmental organization that has been organizing International Voluntary Service Projects since the year 1996. Vive Mexico was officially established in March 1997 as a non‐profit, non‐governmental organization recognized by the Mexican laws and authorities as a volunteer’s organization. Founded in 1994 and legally constituted in 1997, Vive Mexico was born as an initiative of students from the Economics Faculty at the Michoacan University. It is the first organization legally constituted in Mexico and had became the biggest organization in Latin America dedicated to promote international co‐operation and the development of the International Voluntary Service Activities. Vive Mexico has great experience in the development of international voluntary service projects in Mexico and Latin America. It had been coordinating short, medium and long term projects since 1994 as well as special co‐operations between Mexico and more than 45 countries of the world. It had also coordinated a wide variety of seminars and congresses as well as leader trainings to help in the creation of international initiatives to promote the International Voluntary Service in Mexico and Latin America.

Vive Mexico has also a lot of experience in the North‐South cooperation activities, some of the activities Vive Mexico had organized are:

  1. Received volunteers in the Over Seas Training Program/Volunteer Service Overseas.
  2. Participated in Congresses for the North‐South cooperation in Rome, Puerto Vallarta, Ecuador and Austria with the objective to develop the Euro‐Latin Cooperation.
  3. Organized with MS Denmark the first leader training seminar in Latin America.
  4. Received EVS Volunteers from Finland and Italy in a project   where it was publicized for the first time a study about the voluntary service movement in Mexico and the perspective from European volunteers.
  5. Received volunteers from the ACDI program for the  cooperation between Canada and Mexico.
  6. Co‐coordinated special interchange projects between the United Kingdom and Mexico for the development of the cooperation in North‐South relationships.
  7. Sent local co‐coordinators of workcamps in Mexico to participate in workcamps in France and help in the preparation of the French volunteers coming to Mexico.
  8. Coordinated 3 interchanges of the Youth in Action program (former Youth Program) where sent delegations from Mexico to Italy and Costa Rica and received an interchange in Mexico with delegations from Portugal, Italy and Peru.
  9. Took part in the CCIVS Solidarity fund to support the participation of Mexican volunteers in French workcamps.
  10. Coordinated the delegation that represented Mexico in the Forum Barcelona.
  11. Made the translation of the CCIVS UNESCO website to Spanish.
  12. Was organizer of the Euro‐Latin Seminar of the CCIVS held in Lima, Peru.
  13. Participated in the “Global Coordination Meeting of Voluntary Service Organizations” organized by the CCIVS in Tournai, Belgium.
  14. Participated in the “Global Networking Conference” organized by the CCIVS in Tokyo, Japan, representing the Latin  American region and helped in the creation of the  “Guidelines for Inter‐Regional Volunteer Exchange” document.

Vive Mexico had organized over 800 international projects where more than 3,800 international volunteers had participated, working together with over 60,000 Mexican youngsters in more than 250 communities of Mexico.


Our philosophy consist in involving young people of different nationalities in projects focused in aid and cooperation with the objective to provide a space where their energy and creativity can be channeled in a background that promotes brotherhood and solidarity between nations all over the world, and at the same time, help them to create a consciousness about the problems that are a human responsibility, by inviting them to take part in activities to help our planet.

Our objectives are:

  1. To promote a cultural exchange between young people of different nationalities and backgrounds.
  2. To provide a unique and original way to discover all that Mexico has to offer.
  3. To give to the young Mexicans the opportunity to participate in international workcamps around the world through our partner organizations.
  4. To promote and develop voluntary service projects in Mexico as a mean of solving social, cultural and ecological problems trough international solidarity and co‐operation.


Our activities are focused mainly in workcamps, Medium Term Projects, Long Term Projects and the Special International Cooperation Projects.  


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