Vinaka Fiji Yasawa Trust Foundation

The Yasawa Trust Foundation was established in 2010 and created the 'Vinaka Fiji' Charity Programs in Fiji's remote Yasawa Islands. The aim of these programs is to improve the provision of basic needs and amenities missing from village life in the Yasawas.  The name of the assistance program 'Vinaka Fiji' was chosen to reflect the two way nature of the relationship between those who operate and assist the Trust and the people of the Yasawas whose work it benefits. Each by their actions is inherently saying “Thank you” / “Vinaka”. For the Founders of Awesome Adventures and those involved in the Trust this is their way of saying “Vinaka Fiji” to the people of the region for all the pleasure and enjoyment they have derived from there. Through the 'Vinaka Fiji' program the Trust aims to improve the provision of basic needs and amenities, often taken for granted in modern society, yet missing from village life in the Yasawas. It seeks to do this both through direct aid and by acting as a facilitator, bringing those who can help - companies, Government, Aid Agencies and individuals together with the landowners and residents.

 The key broad areas of focus for 'Vinaka Fiji' is on assisting with infrastructure and solutions that supports sustainable, self sufficient communities, with a low environmental impact and education.

 Specifically this includes supporting villages with:

  • Achieving and maintaining access to clean reliable sources of Water
  • Development of a diverse range of crops & food sources for Nutrition and Micro-enterprise purposes
  • Supporting Fijian Education programs in schools where child / teacher ratios are very high and in villages with school holiday programs
  • Assisting with access to ideas, information and alternative solutions for Power Sources with a low environmental impact
  • Research on the valuable Marine Environment & Community Education regarding the effective management of this


The Trust raises funds for the village projects through:

 a) donations made by each volunteer (we are transparent with fund allocation and you will see part of the cost of volunteering with us is a clearly identified compulsory “donation” which is allocated to funding materials for the programs we manage)

b) donations from guests of Awesome Adventures and Blue Lagoon Cruises

c) online donations and collections boxes

d) actively seeking additional funding for projects from third party sources such as Rotary International and charity events


It remains a key principle of the Trust that the majority of the funds raised will be spent on the delivery of the specific projects.  The Trust works hand in hand with Awesome Adventures and Blue Lagoon Cruises who offer holiday experiences in the Yasawas. We encourage visitors to the Yasawas to participate in the Volunteer work program and to enjoy some time exploring the Yasawas. Vinaka Fiji Trust works very closely with Ratus (Chiefs), Administrators and Headmen in each village and the Headmaster and Senior Teachers in schools to establish what is needed to achieve an improvement in living conditions. We consult regularly with these people before, during and after project implementation and support. In addition to this we have a strong relationship with the Ba Provincial Government to ensure they are informed of the work we are doing and to ensure that together we are maximizing resources available to each community. In particular Government works with Vinaka Fiji supplying some materials and specialist resources. The Trust has a strong policy of employing and training local Fijians to hold as many of the positions as we can. Our commitment is to assisting Fijian Communities to become fully sustainable and self-supporting. We do not want to become relied upon, rather that we can help organize, support train and fund improvements so that residents can lift themselves out of the poverty cycle.



·         Education projects in the Yasawas

·         Sustainable projects in the Yasawas

·         Marine Conservation projects in the Yasawas

·         Aid Relief in Fiji






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