Proaves is Colombian non-profit organization that focuses on the study and conservation of our biodiversity, especially birds at risk of extinction and their habitats, in partnership with local communities. Our objective is to support and promote the protection of Colombia's incredible but endangered natural heritage with the ultimate aim of benefiting the planet and humanity. Fundación ProAves hatched in 1998 out of the initiative of a group of dedicated Colombian conservationist interested in saving the Yellow-eared Parrot. ProAves’s mission is to protect birds and their habitats in Colombia through research, conservation actions and community outreach. ProAves is a registered non-profit organization with free membership, open to all who share our vision to prevent the extinction of threatened species and protect key sites, with the help of citizens who are proud of their natural resources and who will promote development in harmony with nature. The passion and commitment of the ProAves family thrives on our partnerships and collaboration with different individuals, groups and organizations, at local, regional and national levels, working together for conservation. Colombians have a great passion for nature and we are always encouraged to find communities eager and willing to cooperate. ProAves Foundation is a UK registered charity that supports the work of Fundación ProAves in Colombia.

Mission and Vision: Poraves mission is To protect wild birds and their habitats in Colombia through investigation, directed conservation actions and rapprochement with communities. Fundación ProAves will become established as a leading organization in the protection of birds and their habitat, contributing to the prevention of species extinction and the protection of key areas of Colombia, in partnership with institutions, communities, leaders and general citizens oriented towards the goal of human development in harmony with nature.


  • To promote and realize actions that work towards the conservation of natural ecosystems.
  • To develop studies and investigations about distinct aspects of the biology and living environment of the birds of Colombia and promulgate these studies throughout the American continent.
  • To maintain a database on the bird populations in Colombia and the American continent.
  • To inform all education levels in the country and abroad about the importance of birds and their natural environments.
  • To encourage and establish national and international agreements for the protection and management of birds.
  • To promote the development of protection and conservation policies for birds and their habitats.
  • To develop educational programmes directed at the scientific community and the general population promoting the knowledge of basic biological aspects of birds and their habitats.
  • To promote the establishment of natural reserve areas in civil society and the awareness of incentives, including economic incentives, for the conservation of natural resources and sustainable development, in agreement with current legislation.


Current projects:

  • For more than ten years has been developing actions ProAves conservation and environmental education in the town of Roncesvalles, Tolima, with the support of Loro Parque Fundación, however, this year has joined the organization as big global work to conserve, RARE Conservation to develop the Campaign Pride or Pride Campaign that inspires people to take pride in the natural resources that make them unique to their communities and take action to protect them.Such is the case the agreement with RARE to generate environmental awareness and promote actions aimed at the conservation of moorland and woodland habitat of Yellow-eared Parrot, through Pride Campaign and establishing reciprocal arrangements for water.
  • From 2003 to 2006 researchers and ProAves YARÉ Project: Research and Evaluation of Threatened Species Serrania de los Yariguíes have worked in the mountainous region of Yariguíes, performing biological exploration in the area that have contributed valuable information to the declaration of the different protected areas in the region, supported by communities, local organizations and governments of the municipalities that comprise the Highlands.Since June 2010 are developing different activities in this second phase of the project, in order to create a conservation corridor linking the National Natural Park Sierra de los Yariguíes three Natural Reserves ProAves (Pauxi Pauxi, Cerulean Warbler Chicamocha and wren), through the lands bordering the road Lenguerke to contribute to the survival of threatened and endemic biodiversity.
  • Colombia is the second country in the world with more endangered species, only in our country, the Alliance for Zero Extinction reported 72 species at risk of extinction in 44 AZE sites, of which 21 are unprotected and only 10 of these sites are fully protected by ProAves Reservations.The AZE or Alliance for Zero Extinction, is a global conservation has 52 conservation organizations worldwide, and seeks to prevent the disappearance of 794 cataloged species endangered worldwide. Only in Colombia Alliance reports 72 species at risk of extinction living in 44 locations considered critical to the survival of at least one species in Colombia.

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