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Across WildAid’s Africa program focus countries, we have seen relatively little in the media that clearly makes the link between the COVID-19 pandemic and wildlife or explains  zoonotic diseases and how they can be prevented. Furthermore, there has been little to nothing targeted specifically at everyday African audiences.  WildAid is … Read more “#DONTEATBUYTRADE”

Child’s Dream: Improving Sustainability Through Agroecology

The 80% of Laotians live by slash-and-burn farming–a significant source of carbon dioxide emissions that contribute to global warming. Slash-and-burn also causes long-term deforestation, which threatens local biodiversity. In mid-2020, Child’s Dream began supporting Pha Tad Ke (PTK) Vocational Centre in Luang Prabang Province, northern Laos. … Read more “Child’s Dream: Improving Sustainability Through Agroecology”

Forests of the biogeographic region of Chocó in critical danger of disappearing

The biogeographic region of Chocó ranges from the eastern region of Panamá, through the Pacific coast of Colombia, to the southwest of Ecuador. In Colombia, this neotropical corridor, which covers the Pacific coast to the foothills of the western mountain range, forms a natural barrier … Read more “Forests of the biogeographic region of Chocó in critical danger of disappearing”