Just Forests


Irish Woodworkers for Africa (T/A Just Forests) was founded in 1989, as a 'company limited by guarantee' with no share capital. The charity organisation was founded in response to the trade in tropical timber and the resulting decline of global forests. We are Ireland's longest established non-governmental development education organisations working solely on global poverty-related tropical  forestry/timber issues from a local development perspective.  To contribute to increased public awareness, through development education (DE) and education for sustainable development (ESD), of the importance of responsible forest management, as a means of alleviating poverty in timber exporting countries. To help Irish society become sustainable in their timber and wood-product needs by insisting on wood from FSC certified forests globally and where practicable supporting Irish-produced wood-based products and Irish jobs.
Just Education: Within the context of the UN Decade of Education for Sustainable Development (2005 - 2014), Thinking Trees: Development, Trees and our Interdependent World is designed for primary school pupils in Ranganna 3, 4, 5 and 6 and seeks to encourage students to explore the importance of trees and of forests in our daily lives. It also stimulates them to think about some of the consequences of the loss of forests and trees and how, each of us can contribute positively to sustainable development. Educational change is one of those processes which has a habit of resetting itself back to how things have always been done. That’s not just an Irish phenomenon. The power of the status quo has been well documented in educational reforms across the world. It’s easier to do change on paper than in real classrooms. The message from real junior cycle classrooms and those who work in them, from research and through the recent consultation is clear. It is time for real change.  As part of our commitment to poverty elimination, Just Forests places enormous importance of engaging with the formal and informal education sectors here in Ireland. This is essential to promote and build support for efforts that achieve long term, sustainable change for the world's forest-dependant communities who are often the world's poorest people. The provision and delivery of workshops and training for teacher on matters of 'sustainability' will be a significant aspect of Thinking TREES. Through the lens of wood and forests Just Forests has  provided environmental, sustainability and youth training for personal and continuous professional development (CPD) to a wide range of stakeholders for over  20 years. We have worked  within the formal and non-formal education sectors. Our unique, hands-on approach has made Just Forests work appealing to primary, secondary and third level teachers over the years.
for more information please visit: http://www.justforests.org/