Challengefuture is a global think-DO-tank. We are engaging youth in sustainability innovation for tomorrow (THINK) while creating positive impact today (DO). Today, we are facing an emerging problem of youth population boom, growing youthunemployment with more then 1,2 billion young people to enter labor market in the next10 years while only 300 million jobs await, and the increasing gap between education,skills and jobs. On the other side the world is facing projected 40% gap in the supply and demand of freshwater by 2030, rapid decline of natural resources and extreme effects ofglobal warming of expected up to 5°C within this century, among many other challenges. Challengefuture is addressing both streams of challenges with an unique approach of:developing youth employability and ability to create new jobs whilegenerating sufficient levels of action and impact for sustainableand prosperous future.

challengefuture has developed social community, youth engagement know-how and real life network of 81 CF Hubs to develop global youth aged 18 -30 and create positive impact through FIVE STRATEGIC cf ACTIVITIES:

  • cfCompetitions: the matrix of global, issue specific or local competitions. Competition invites students to find practical solutions to global environmental, social and business challenges. The cfonline collaboration platform serves asthe home where students can get to know each other, create and form teams,choose challenges to participate, interact with mentors, and receive feed-backfrom expert judges and community.
  • cfCommitments: individual and mass actions upon selected topics and tips. Inspired by very successful Tips of the Week, the articles and videos that inspired youth to make real change in daily lives, we are aiming to create the hub for empowering tips, real commitments and to monitor these impacts.
  • cfCollaboration: cfHubs, cfAction teams, The Future Book. cfis evolvingcompetitors engagement towards collaboration for implementation of ideas,participation in projects and for creation of measurable impact. Collaboration could be individual, team or mass engagement, globally or locally.
  • cfConferences: cfSummit, cfy events. Each year all activities conclude with a face-to-face challengefuture SUMMIT, a life-changing event connecting the most innovative youth, pioneering businesses, policy leaders and other change makers in dialogue, reflection, and action. Last cfSummit 2012 took place in Bled, Slovenia from 16-22 March 2012 when a group of 80 exceptional individuals under the age of 30 have explored the global agenda and shared their solutions.
  • cfChange: Inspired by the results of a single Youth 4 Youth challenge where youth impacted 210.000 lives only in three months, we are starting with global support to selected projects to help the projects to survive, evolve and scale up on global level.


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