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Voice of a Volunteer

Jonas Riegel, 21, volunteer teacher at BHSOH Learning Center

Volunteering for Child’s Dream has been the highlight of my life so far. I am a volunteer teacher for a whole school year at BHSOH Learning Center, a Burmese migrant school in the area of Mae Sot in Thailand. I live in a boarding house near the school.


A trip to UN Youth Summit,New York

Growing up in fishing and a rural community in Elmina, I have loved traveling and reading about other culture since I was a little boy. Sitting at the beaches in Elmina  and reading about people who lived all over the globe and made difference in the life of the underserved in society  instilled in me a respect for diversity and a burning desire to lead and advocate for the underserved on this planet, Earth. 
I have been concerned with the vulnerability of youths in Ghana, Africa and the World at large. My quest to make Ghana, Africa and the World at large a better place leads to the formation of KIRC Foundation a non for profit organization here in Ghana. I have made tremendous contribution in the lives of Children, Youths and the underserved in Ghana, Africa and the World at large.

Communication activism for social change

David Palmer has created an accompanying website (

This Teaching Communication Activism website is designed to be an information and networking hub for activist teachers, especially those in the communication discipline. The goals are to provide communication educators with ideas and resources to develop activist forms of teaching, and to have teachers share their ideas and resources to energize and connect to the community of activist teachers.

This website is inspired by traditions of social justice activism and of teaching and research that study and promote activism. Scholars from a wide range of disciplines, historically, have recognized the central role that social activism and activist education play in a vibrant democracy, and this website is a response to their collective call to forge community-based outlets that teachers can use as tools to build a more democratic and just world.